Accountability for Utility Providers

Hard working families should not have their budgets destroyed by unexpected utility rate hikes. Utility companies must be held accountable by the state for direct or indirect rate increases. The average, individual person has no recourse against higher utility prices so the Florida Public Service Commission must do its job.

Smart Growth Management

It is inevitable that our community will continue to grow. We can’t stop growth. However, we do have a choice of how it grows. If we want to enjoy the same or better community lifestyle that we have now, we must plan for our growth by implementing upgrades to all our infrastructure.

Pro Life

A baby is a person regardless of whether they reside inside or outside the womb. “It is impossible to determine at what moment a baby is developed enough to be considered “a person”. Therefore we must protect all human life inside the womb.

Pro 2nd Amendment

Responsible gun ownership is a right given to every American citizen for the purpose of protecting themselves and their families. Gun ownership should not be limited by the style of weapon and gun manufacturers should in no way be held liable for the way an individual chooses to use their products.

Pro Religious Freedom

Churches and religious groups shouldnot be told by the government when or if they can gather together. Individuals have the right to exercise their religious convictions without government interference. Parents have the right to allow or disallow instruction of their children by the government based on their religious beliefs.

Pro Veteran 

I have two sons with military service. Buddy, who runs my business with me, served 6 years in the Army, was EOD and served in Afghanistan. My youngest son, Juddah, is an active duty Marine. The majority of our community is made up of veterans and active duty personnel. Our military is the lifeblood of this community and we should do everything in our power to honor them.