Hello Friend, it’s really important to know the person you choose to vote for. I wish I had the ability to sit down with every single person over a cup of coffee and have heart to heart conversation about what my core values are and let you come to know me as a friend. 

Well, since I just can’t do that with everyone, I figure the next best thing is to offer everyone a copy of one of the books I’ve written over the last several years. Reading my books will, without a doubt, give you the very best insight into who I am as a person, what I stand for and what my values are. 

Please feel free to request a free copy of any of my books below. I will be happy to send you one in the mail, personally signed by me. 

Letters To Judah, A Father’s Advise for Living A Successful Life

Two and a half years ago when my youngest son, Judah, went through Marine Boot Camp I wrote him a letter every day to encourage him. I compiled all of my favorite quotes, scriptures, and sayings, and each day I expounded on one of them in a letter. I wrote about what the quote meant to me, how I’ve applied it in my life and how he could apply it to his. After Judah graduated Boot Camp, I compiled all the letters I had written him and published this book.

If I Could Talk To You About Human Trafficking This Is What I Would Say

It was about 10 years ago when I abruptly woke up from a very vivid dream. In the dream, I was having a conversation with a woman enslaved by human trafficking. This dream ultimately led me on a journey to find out all the information I could about human trafficking. The more information I found, the more my heart broke. One of the things I felt compelled to do is educate people about the horrors of human trafficking. This book is my one of my efforts to spread awareness of the tragedy of human trafficking.

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Million Dollar Pest And Lawn Service Business

If I would have had the information in this book in the early days of my business, it would have saved me years of frustration and heartache. I wrote this book for the business owner who is still trying to figure it out. This book tells the story of my business journey from the time I started working for my father-in-law‘s tiny pest control business back in the 1980s to now, running a multi million dollar business that employs 50 people. 

What Every Homeowner On The Emerald Coast Needs To Know About Lawn Care

I’ve built a thriving business out of my passion for keeping lawns healthy here along the Emerald Coast. In this book, I share all my knowledge of what it takes to grow a healthy lawn here. Whether you use my service or not, I want you to have a healthy lawn and this book tells you everything you need to know to have one.