“Exactly what are you going to do when you get into office”? 

I’ve been asked this question a number of times. Allow me to admit to you, that as a person running for office, there is a strong temptation to answer that question by ticking off a list of items that I know the majority of you want to hear. 

However I’m going to resist that temptation. 

Here’s why;

Submitting a bill for legislation is like launching a balloon. Once the balloon leaves your hands, forces that are beyond your control largely determine in what direction and how far the balloon travels. 

That’s what it’s like submitting a bill in in the legislature. You can launch the bill, but once it leaves your hands, forces that are largely beyond the control of a single person determine where and how far it goes. 

As a candidate, I can promise to launch all kinds of bills that sound appealing, but 

that doesn’t mean I have control over all the conditions that will determine if the bills actually becomes law. 

Therefore instead of judging me or any other candidate based on promising something that is mostly beyond any one person’s control, examine my life, my business, my accomplishments, all the content I’ve written over the years to determine my values and work ethic. Because THOSE are the qualities that will most accurately determine someone’s future performance as your state representative, not promises.